Online dictionary launched in January 2016, which was created in co-operation with Estonian Sign Language Interpreters Union. Online dictionary increases knowledge in sign language among deaf people and people interested in sign language and increases accessibility to communicate in international sign language.

This project is strongly connected to education sector as it prioritizes offering non-formal education to young people and adults. It contributes to the development of language skills as it provides free and easy method of learning international and Estonian sign language. This project also contributes to finding solutions to specific social problems that deaf people often times face. It is increasing their language skills in international sign language, which allows them to access more information and participate in international events, which will boost their participation in the labour market.

During this project Estonian Association of the Deaf created an online dictionary as a separate web site, where we gathered international signs and Estonian signs in video format. Contrary to the common understanding that sign language is universal, Deaf communities all over the world use different national sign languages. Due to the visual modality of sign languages, there are many common traits in the grammars of sign languages and the main differences only occur in the lexicon. Therefore, compared to the speakers of different spoken languages, it is much easier for the signers who use different sign languages to communicate.

Online dictionary is available to use with PC-s, tablets and smart phones. Functions are diverse and user friendly. Online dictionary is constantly in the development process which means in the future we will create field-based dictionaries, such as for iT-terms, LAW oriented terms, ECONOMY terms etc.

Project was funded by Hasartmängumaksu Nõukogu (Gambling Tax Council), was sponsored by British Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, British Embassy Tallinn and Tallinna VesI (Tallinn Water). Project was also funded by private sponsors through Hooandja website.

Hasartmängumaksu nõukogu British Embassy Tallinn Tallinna VesiBritish Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Private supporters via Hooandja

You will find the app from Apple Store or from Google Play by entering a word "viipesonastik" to the search engine. You can also click on the icons below to download the app to your Android or IOS device.

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